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Miss Valerie Valentine! by MD5-DX

Ok, here is my honest feed back... I am not really impressed by this. I mean your technique is getting much better and I love the way her body looks and the hair, but as a magical girl this falls really, really flat.

Body wise you still have your usual issue with the arms and such. Other than that your bodies are looking great. What annoys me is you lack of vision and originality with clothing. before you draw her again I want you to go look at all the Precure designs and look at how magical girl outfits look. I think in general your weakest point (besides Arms) is clothing. You need to look into it more and work out outfits that aren't skin tight or pleated skirts.

I do really like that hat though. The hat makes her design cuter. She is like a tomboy magical girl which is very fun but at the same time I am sick of seeing the same dress with the same hearts and the same knee high latex boots.
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